Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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The Union Can and Must Be Preserved!The Turner Brigade Wants You!Death to the Secession Snake!

Members of the Turner Brigade come from all walks of life–professional and blue-collar; urban, suburban, small-town, and rural. We have joined together with a common interest in making the Civil War period come alive, both for our spectators and for ourselves. We have diverse interests within our common interest, as shown by the variety in our companies. We welcome both the experienced reenactor and the raw recruit, and we have enlisted many of each during the last several seasons. We teach, learn, and have fun, safely. We encourage you to look us up at any of the events on our schedule and find out for yourself how you can participate in this exciting hobby with an experienced unit.

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For more information, contact any of the following:

2020 Officers of the Association of the Turner Brigade:

Dale Sanford, President

Aaron Gamble, Vice President

Sheila Porter, Secretary

Patti House, Treasurer



Company G, 17th Missouri Infantry:

Capt. Greg Zelinske, Commanding


Companies K & H, Consolidated, 1st Missouri Light Artillery:

Capt. Tom Jett
Capt. Larry McDaniel


Company M, 1st Missouri Light Artillery:

Capt. Steve Allen, Commanding


Company E, 1st Missouri Engineers:

Sgt. Scott House


Company C, 5th Missouri Cavalry:

Capt. Emmett Taylor, Commanding


Turner Civilians:

Deb Cambron, Civilian Contact