Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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The Woodruff Gun–Annotations to “Researching the Woodruff Carriage”–Affair at Bloomfield, Mo.

The Woodruff Gun

Annotations to “Researching the Woodruff Carriage”

Affair at Bloomfield, Missouri

Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series I, Volume 22, Part 1, pp. 221-222.

Operations in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas the Indian Territory, and the Department of the Northwest, November 20, 1862-December 31, 1863.

Affair at Bloomfield, Mo., Congratulatory orders from Brigadier-General Carr:

On page 222, Lt. Elliott, writing as Gen. Carr’s Acting Aide-de-Camp, notes that Col. James Lindsay of the 68th Enrolled Missouri Militia had “250 of his men and two small pieces of artillery, provided at private expense…” when engaging the enemy at Bloomfield, Missouri. The exact identification of these guns has been speculated for many years but unknown until recently. OR_SI_vXXII_part 1, pp221-222, Affair at Bloomfield


The Western Historical Manuscript Collection, State Historical Society of Missouri, includes the Pilot Knob, Missouri, Civil War Telegram Collection, which contains photocopies of telegrams sent and received by Colonel John B. Gray, commander of the Union post at Pilot Knob, Iron County, Missouri. The dispatches include communications with district headquarters at Saint Louis, and with detachments throughout southeastern Missouri, especially those at Fredericktown, Patterson, Van Buren, and Barnesville. The telegrams cover the period from November 1862 to April 1863. The collection number is R0137.

Among these are telegrams from Colonel Gray to various officers reporting on the Affair at Bloomfield. Note the mention that artillerymen had been sent to Lindsay from St. Louis to train the EMM troops in artillery drill.  This suggests that Lindsay did not receive his guns until near the start of 1863.


Pilot Knob, Jan. 19, 63
Commanding Officer
Patterson, Mo.

I send tonight with Col. Lindsay three wagons, and twelve six mule teams in the morning to haul away Q. M. property they will be loaded light with Forage for you. Col. Lindsay takes with him his little guns and I will send some artillery men to handle them. He will reach you in the morning if nothing happens.

John B. Gray
Col. Comdg Post


Pilot Knob Mo Jan. 20, 63

Genl Carr
Saint Louis

Col Lindsay went to Patterson last night with about seventy men and three little two pdr guns to haul away from there a lot of (govt) property which I think will be safe here.

John B. Gray
Brig Genl EMM


Pilot Knob Jan.21, 63

General Curtis
Headqtrs Dept of the Mo

The men of the Second Mo Artillery can be spared from my post immediately. I have sent twelve of them to Patterson for a few days to man some little guns I have sent there. Shall I send the remainder to St. Louis tomorrow.

John B. Gray
Col Comdg Post


Pilot Knob Mo Jan. 21, 63

Col Lindsay

Genl Curtis wishes to have the artillery men sent to St. Louis. You will have them instruct some of your men in the use of the guns for a few days and then send them back here.

John B. Gray
Col Comdg Post


Pilot Knob Mo January 31, 1863

Lieut Col Lazear
Jackson Mo

Col Lindsay with 140 Enrolled Militia has been to Bloomfield found 240 Guerrillas there, routed them and captured 52 prisoners, 70 horses and 100 Stand of Arms. He will be here this Evening.

John B. Gray
Brig Genl Emm
Comdg Post


Pilot Knob Mo Jan 31, 1863

Genl E. A. Carr
Saint Louis

Col Lindsay 68th Regt Enrolled Militia has just returned to Fredericktown from a scout to Bloomfield. He made a dash into the latter place with 140 men, and two small pieces of Arty. Capturing 51 prisoners, 70 horses, 100 stand of Arms. The rout of the Enemy was complete. The place was occupied by six Companies of Guerrilla of Cooper, Ellison, Valle, and others numbering in all about 250 men. Bully for the Enrolled Militia.

John B. Gray
Brig Genl EMM Comdg Post

Thanks to the late David Hagler for providing photocopies of the telegrams.