Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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A Turner Bugler, 2004

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Mormon News.


May/June 1860

strong>From The Missouri Democrat, Tuesday, May 1, 1860.


Young Joe Smith Going to Set up for Himself at Council Bluffs—Brigham Young to be Deposed.

The following is an extract from a private letter written a few days since to a physician of this city, from Nauvoo, Illinois:

Young Joseph Smith and his mother, son and wife of prophet Joseph of Mormon notoriety, lately attended a Conference of Mormons, held in the State of Illinois, at which time Joseph and his mother were both baptised in the faith, and young Joe was ordained head high priest and prophet by them. Joe pretends he was led by the spirit of God to do so, but I am of the opinion that the spirit of speculation had more to do with it than God had, as the family are very much in debt, their property being all mortgaged, and Joe is to receive the sum of $20,000 per year for his use.

They are to start next fall for Council Bluffs, when those Mormons at Salt Lake, who wish to leave Brigham Young, can do so and join Joe in the Bluffs.

Joseph’s wife, I suppose, would be much opposed to it, but they have her pretty well coaxed up, and she begins think it is a very nice thing, (the $20,000 I mean,) and has consented to accompany the family.

The wife of Fred, (Joe’s brother,) says she will go with Fred if he goes to the de’il, but she is a believer in the faith, and will make a fast Mormon. They are keeping things very quiet, but they are working hard on wire-pulling, and will have everything arranged for an early start in the fall. What will be the result? But more anon.