Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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City News.


September/October 1860

From The Missouri Democrat, Monday, October 1, 1860.


BASE BALL—A base ball match was played Saturday on the lot west of the Fair Grounds, between the Tiger and Lone Star Clubs.  It resulted in favor of the latter Club.

SEVERELY RUN OVER.—One “Honest Ed.” so called, bar tender at Kate Graham’s, on Broadway, near Carr street, had his foot dreadfully crushed and his leg broken by falling beneath and run over by the wheels of a car on Grand avenue, Saturday evening.

WEEKLY HOSPITAL REPORT.—Forty-five patients were received at the Health Office and sent thence to the City Hospital during the last week.  Thirteen were natives of Ireland, eight of the United States, seventeen of Germany, three of England, two of Switzerland, one was a native of France, and one of Bohemia.

CALABOOSE MONTHLY REPORT.—Mr. William Lawler, keeper of the calaboose, reports that six hundred and ninety-three prisoners have been committed to his custody during the month ending with the 29th inst.; and that the institution is in as cleanly and well ventilated a condition as is practicable at its present location.

“SOFT UPON TIPTOE.”—Early yesterday morning the sleeping apartment of D. Elbert Brown, at No. 170 North Seventh street, was entered, and robbed of one black cloth coat, a pair of black cloth pants, an open-faced gold watch, and a buckskin purse containing two five dollar Missouri bills, a one dollar bill, and some two dollars in silver.

CAUGHT SECRETING STOLEN MONEY IN A LUMBER YARD.—James Murray was yesterday taken into custody by officer Cain, for alleged theft of $100 from Daniel Murray, on the evening of Saturday.  Being suspected of the felony, a watch was kept upon him, and he was caught in the act of secreting the stolen money in a lumber yard.  Such is the statement against him, to be subjected to investigation in the Recorder’s Court this morning.

PROSPERING.—William Reshly was on Saturday arrested by officer Odenwalder, and locked up on the charge of having stolen a set of harness from the stable of Mr. Barrett, a brick manufacturer in the western portion of the city.

On the same day a hall thief giving his name as John Buckley, and professing to be a tinker, visited the residence of Mr. McDonald and stole thence a coat and a pair of pants, but was soon caught with the articles in his possession and locked up for the larceny.

MISHAPS.—At the Fair, on Saturday, a gentleman from Memphis, Tenn., had his pocket cut while he was standing in a crowd, and about $700 extracted.  In the Gallinarium a Mr. Gallatin, of Illinois, was in a similar manner relieved of a pocket wallet containing some forty dollars.

Mr. Richard Carson, of Hannibal, Mo., passed with his lady through the Floral Hall, and on emerging sought a restaurant and there found that his pocket book, containing $75 in bills and three $5 gold pieces and some $3 in silver, had disappeared from his person.

WEEKLY MORTUARY REPORT.—The Sextons of the several cemeteries of this city report ninety-eight interments as having occurred during the last week.  Of the deceased fifty-eight were white males, thirty-seven were white females, two were slaves, one was free colored, and forty-seven were children under five years of age.

The interments were as follows:  In the Holy Trinity Cemetery, 24; Rock Spring, 12; City, 11; Wesleyan, 10; Bellefontaine, 9; St. Vincent, 8; Calvary, 5; St. Peter, 4; St. Mark, 3; St. Paul, 2.

THE “CENTRAL” HAND FIRE ENGINE SOLD.—The only remaining hand fire engine, that of the Central on Chestnut street, was on last Saturday sold to the “Good Intent” fire company of Hannibal, Mo.  The bargain was made with Mr. Joseph A. Beard, Foreman of that company, and the old machine, which is a forcing and not a suction engine, was given into his hands for the sum of $175.  For his further satisfaction, and that of the firemen of Hannibal, the steam engine Missouri ws taken out and played.  Mr. Beard expressed himself delighted with the evident superiority of the steam to the hand machine.