Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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Highly Important—If True.


January/February 1861

From The Missouri Democrat, Friday, January 4, 1861.



WASHINGTON, Jan. 3—Intelligence was received last night that Fort Sumpter is now besieged; that all Major Anderson’s communications are cut off; that Fort Moultrie has been completely repaired, and the guns remounted, and that everything is in readiness to open fire on Major Anderson. New batteries are being erected around him by the people, and every day the danger and difficulty of reinforcing him are increased. His frequent applications for reinforcements, and even the tears and prayers of his wife having failed to move the President, he has determined again to renew his request, but will perish if he must, in the fort.

His men have bound themselves with an oath to stand and perish with him. [If communication is cut off, how did the reporter learn these facts.]

It is ‘beyond a doubt that a combination’ is forming to take forcible possession of the government in Washington, on or before the 4th of March, but the precise time is not yet determined.

The above is from sources which leave no doubts of its reliability. Gentlemen censure the apparent inactivity of the President, contending that by availing himself of the counsels and services of Lieut. Gen. Scott, all possibility of danger could be averted.