Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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A Turner Bugler, 2004

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Excitement at the Custom House.


January/February 1861

From The Missouri Democrat, Saturday, January 12, 1861.
EXCITEMENT AT THE CUSTOM HOUSE.—A wholly unnecessary excitement was yesterday morning occasioned by the appearance of some forty U. S. soldiers at the Custom House.  On Thursday we published that a detachment had arrived from Newport Barracks, Kentucky, and had proceeded to quarters at Jefferson Barracks.  It since appears that Lieutenant-General Scott had issued orders to insure the security of the United States property in various States, but without special reference to St. Louis.  The troops who appeared at the Custom House arrived from the Barracks at 8 A. M., having marched the entire distance.

They were during the day the subject of ludicrous curiosity by a gathered throng, who peered anxiously through the windows and doors to see the military visitants.  Their commandant, Lieut. W. G. Robinson, who bears a high character for honor and courtesy, deported himself in a truly gentlemanly yet soldierly manner, conciliating all who approached him.

Evidently, the troops had a special mission to perform, having accomplished which they left the Sub-Treasury, at about 8 P. M.  That they were not specifically detailed to keep armed possession of the Court House, is obvious from the fact of their withdrawal.  It is shrewdly conjectured that their visit had reference to the removal of a large amount of coin from the treasury vaults, to be conveyed eastward.  Certain it is they were properly employed for the protection of the interests of our government.