Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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Governor’s Proclamation


March and April 1861

From The Missouri Democrat, Tuesday, April 23, 1861.

Extra Session of the Legislature—Governor’s Proclamation.

JEFFERSON CITY, April 22, 1861.

I, Claiborne F. Jackson, Governor of the State of Missouri, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution, due hereby convene the Legislature of this State; and the Senators and Representatives of the Twenty first Session of the General Assembly are hereby required to be and appear in their respective places at the Capitol, in the City of Jefferson, on Thursday, the 2d of May, A. D. 1861, for the purpose of enacting such laws and adopting such measures as may be deemed necessary and proper for the more perfect organization and equipment of the militia of the State, and to raise the money and such other means as may be required to place the State in a proper attitude of defense.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State. Done at the City of Jefferson, this 22d day of April, A. D. 1861.

By the Governor,                                                     C. F. Jackson

JEFFERSON CITY, April 23, 1861.


I. To attain a greater degree of efficiency and perfection in organization and discipline, the commanding officers of the several Military Districts of this State, having four or more legally organized companies therein, whose armories are within fifteen miles of each other, will assemble their respective commands at some place, to be by them severally designated, on the 3d day of May, and go into an encampment for the period of six days, as provided by law. Captains of companies not organized into battalions will report the strength of their companies immediately to these Headquarters, and await further orders.

II. The Quartermaster General will procure and issue to the Quartermasters of Districts for those commands not now provided for, all necessary tents and camp equipage, to enable the commanding officers thereof to carry forgoing orders into effect.

III. The Light Battery now attached to the Southwest Battalion, and one company of Mounted Riflemen, including all officers and soldiers belonging to the First District, will proceed forthwith to St. Louis and report to General D. M. Frost for duty. The remaining companies of said battalion will be disbanded for the purpose of assisting in the organization of new companies upon that frontier. The details in the execution of the foregoing are entrusted to Lieutenant Colonel Jno. S. Bowen, commanding the Battalion.

IV. The strength, organization and equipment of the several commands in the Districts will be reported at once to these Headquarters, and Division Inspectors will furnish information which may be serviceable in ascertaining the condition of the State forces.

By order of the Governor.

Adjutant-General of Missouri.