Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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Fremont’s Leave of his Army.


November/December 1861

From The Missouri Democrat, Wednesday, November 6, 1861.


The intelligence from the camp at Springfield will this morning be read with profound interest. It confirms the later reports from Washington relative to Gen. Fremont. On last Saturday forenoon he was officially notified of his removal from the command of the Department of the West, and received the news, in accordance with his well know characteristics, with calmness and self-possession. As gracefully as he had accepted the unsought and arduous trust, he prepared to yield it to Gen. Hunter, his successor.

Major General Fremont’s valedictory to his army, is a model of patriotism and propriety. Briefly and modestly, he gratefully reminds his soldiers of the support they have given him, and urges them to accord the same devotion to his successor. Proud of the noble army he has gathered, he will hereafter share in the joy of its triumphs. His appeal will, doubtless, affect deeply those to whom it is addressed, and inspire them anew in battle, that he may remain proud of the force he has with so great care and energy created. To us, this farewell of Fremont to his enthusiastic army, speaks volumes in his praise.

General Hunter, recently the second in command, is a veteran of proved ability, and is doubtless as well acquainted with the affairs of the department as any man in it with the exception of Fremont. Since the latter was to be superseded, the selection of his successor is evidently a judicious one, especially in view of the prospect of a decisive battle at hand.

With a portion of his Body Guard, Fremont left Springfield Sunday morning, and may be expected in St. Louis by to-morrow. He doubtless will at once give his attention to the accusations against him.