Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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Jefferson County Ladies’ Union Aid Society.


November/December 1861

From The Missouri Democrat, Thursday, December 19, 1861.

Jefferson County Ladies’ Union Aid Society.

A number of the Union ladies of Jefferson county met some weeks since and agreed to form themselves into a society to collect and forward such articles for the use of the sick and wounded soldiers, as the Union ladies of the county might contribute. The persons appointed to collect and forward the articles desire to make the following report to the contributors. They have received the following articles and money, with which materials were purchased for making:

69 Shirts;
11 Pairs Drawers;
1 Lot Books;
11 Pair Pants;
122 Pairs Socks;
39 Towels;
1 Coat
2 Feather Pillows;
6 Moss Pillows;
Lot linen
18 Sheets;
1 Dozen handkerchiefs;
10 Pillow Slips;
1 Comfort.


To each lady contributor a Union emblem has been sent. The emblems were contributed by a gentleman of our county. The articles, as collected and made up for use, have been divided and forwarded a part of them to Pilot Knob, and the remainder to the Sixth regiment Missouri Volunteers, at Otterville. We have been particularly indebted to the following named ladies for assisting in collecting contributions: Miss Phebe Dugan, Miss Sliliah Vinyard, Miss C. McMullin, Miss Marry Foxton, Mrs. H. P. Bates, Mrs. J. J. Beckett, Mrs. L. J. Rankin, Mrs. Capt. Dover, Mrs. C. S. Rankin, Mrs. C. Harmony, Mrs. Edinger.

Respectfully, Eliza E. Honet,
M. Clara Fletcher,
M. Huffman,