Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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A Turner Bugler, 2004

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The Prince of Wales.


November/December 1861

From The Missouri Democrat, Monday, December 30, 1861.


By the death of Prince Albert, the Prince of Wales, the heir apparent, becomes, it is said, a more active participant in matters of state. It has been suggested that Queen Victoria in her affliction, and in view of the hereditary malady with which she is supposed to be threatened, will be likely to abdicate the throne in his favor. For this, however, there can be of course no authority, nor could it affect in the least degree the general character and disposition of the Government, if she should do so. But with Richmond, now the capital of the C. S. A., the Prince’s associations can hardly be pleasant. At Richmond, and in the very capitol where the rebel Congress sits, he received the only insult offered him during his tour in this country. By all classes throughout the North he was treated with respect and demonstrations of compliment and welcome, as the son of Victoria, esteemed by all not less for her motherly and womanly qualities, but for a more than queenly virtue and nobleness.

Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, was born November 21, 1840, and is therefore just turned of twenty-one.