Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Glorious Victory at Corinth!


October of 1862

From The Missouri Democrat, Monday, October 6, 1862.



Glorious Victory!



Price, Van Dorn and Lovell Overwhelmed!


[Special Dispatch to the Missouri Democrat.]

CAIRO, Oct. 5.—Darkness closed in last night leaving us in painful suspense as to the result of the struggle going on at Corinth.  We knew that Rosecrans had been weakened by reinforcements sent to Buell and Wright, and we also knew his forces had been considerably scattered, and that Price, Van Dorn, Lovell and perhaps Breckinridge, had been concentrating their forces for several weeks near him, and the questions were, had Rosecrans concentrated his forces, and could he withstand this combined attack till Gen. Grant could march to his assistance.  This morning’s light, however, dispelled all doubts and fears.

General Tuttle has just received a dispatch saying that the rebels are whipped, with great slaughter, and that they are in full retreat.

Our loss is also large.  General Dodge sent word to make preparations here for a large number of wounded.

Price made the attack on Friday, and fighting continued up to last evening.  Our forces have acted nobly throughout.

The rebel force is said to have numbered 40,000.



 CAIRO, Oct. 5.—From Lieut. Col. Wm. McCullough, 4th Illinois cavalry, I learn some particulars of the battle at Corinth.

On Saturday morning Price made a fierce and determined attack on our right.  Our line of battle was formed on a circle north and west of the town.

Van Dorn and Lovell attacked the left.  The contest lasted until 11:30 o’clock P. M., and was very deadly to the enemy.  They drove in our centre, and some of them penetrated as far as the Corinth House.  They pushed forward with great energy and crossed the abattis in two columns, reaching the ditch.

During this movement all was done that grape and canister could do.

A charge was then made by the 27th Ohio and 11th Missouri, and the rebels gave way, many of them falling down and holding up their hands for mercy.

Our loss is serious, particularly in officers.  Brig. General Hackleman was killed on Friday, and Gen. Oglesby dangerously wounded.  Cols. Kirby, Smith, Gilbert and Mower seriously wounded.

The number of rebels killed is not known, but they are strewn along the road for five miles.

We have between 700 and 1,000 prisoners, not counting the wounded who were left upon the field.

Gen. Rosecrans moved early this morning after the rebels.

Price has retreated to the hills in the forks of Hatchie river.

Gen. Hurlbut left Bolivar at 2 A. M. on Saturday, and has marched down to the rear of the rebels and cut off their retreat.

The rebels when they crossed the Hatchie river burned the bridge beyond them.  They are now on the north side and Gen. Hurlbut on the south.

A cannonade duel had been progressing to-day, and it is hoped and believed that the rebels will be either cut to pieces or captured.

[To the Associated Press.]

 CAIRO, Oct. 5.—We have got no distinct account of the Corinth battle on Friday and Saturday.  In the morning Price attacked Rosecrans’s right, and Van Dorn and Lovell his left.  The assault was made with great determination.  At one time our center was penetrated, and the rebels reached the Corinth House, but they were driven out at the point of the bayonet.

Van Dorn led his column over an abattis on the left and within less than fifty yards of a ditch, exposed all the time to a scathing fire of grape and canister.  He was driven back by a charge of the 27th Ohio and 11th Missouri.

The battle lasted until 11:30 P. M., when the rebels began to retreat toward Hatchie river.

The number of killed and wounded on either side is not known.  The rebel loss is reported to be much larger than our own.  We have between 700 and 1,000 prisoners, not including the wounded left on the field.

General Hackelman is killed, and General Oglesby dangerously wounded.  Colonels Smith, Gilbert, and Mower are wounded.

The Mobile and Ohio Railroad is not seriously injured.  The telegraph is repaired to Corinth.

General Hurlbut marched on Saturday to the south side of Hatchie river, with a large force, thus cutting off Price’s retreat.

Rosecrans moved early this morning to renew the attack, and cannonading has been heard all day in the direction of these forces.

Price is in the forks of Hatchie river, and between Hurlbut and Rosecrans.

The following official dispatch has been received from Washington:

WASHINGTON, Oct. 5—Information has been received here that the rebels under Van Dorn, Price, and Lovell yesterday attacked our forces at Corinth, but were repulsed with great slaughter and retreated, leaving their dead and wounded on the field.  Our forces were in full pursuit.