Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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General Jeff C. Davis Released.


October 1862

From The Missouri Democrat, Wednesday, October 22, 1862.



Morgan’s Big Foraging Expedition Continued.

LOUISVILLE, Oct. 21.–Gen. Jeff. C. Davis, who killed Gen. Nelson, has been released from arrest and ordered to report for duty at Cincinnati, and left here this evening.

Gen. Dumont passed through here this evening, en route for Indianapolis.

One hundred and fifty rebel prisoners from Frankfort and Lexington, and three hundred paroled Federal prisoners, from Cox’s Creek, have arrived here.  They left at three o’clock on Monday morning, and up to two o’clock this afternoon had nothing to eat, Morgan having destroyed all the captured provisions he could not carry away.

Morgan’s men changed clothes with many of our prisoners, and his band are said now to be clothed in Federal uniform.

Doubtful rumors say the bridges over Rolling Fork and Bacon Creek have been destroyed by the rebels.

Eight commissioners who were sent by the Chicago Sanitary Commission, who were captured near Cox’s Creek, have arrived here.  Morgan’s men took all their supplies.

On Monday morning the rebels at Cox’s Creek captured T. B. Lewis, postmaster of Wood’s division, with all his mails, containing several thousand letters, the money from which the rebels took, and then destroyed all the letters.

Lieutenants Neff, of the 4th Ohio, and Choate, of the 6th Ohio Cavalry, arrived en route northward.  They were captured near Bardstown Monday and parolled, while proceeding to join their respective regiments, after being out on Government service.

Choate had two commissions from Gov. Tod for transmission, one whereof was for Col. Anderson, of the 6th Ohio Infantry, on the back of which Morgan indorsed, “Approved John H. Morgan, Oct. 20, 1862.”  These gentlemen say that Morgan’s men entered Elizabethtown Monday, broke open the post office, and were then driven out by two Federal regiments, the force at Lebanon.