Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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Gen. Blair’s Resignation


November-December 1862

From The Missouri Democrat, Monday, December 1, 1862.


General Blair, the telegraph says, has resigned his seat in the present Congress. The statement is probably true. We should not question the patriotism of General Blair’s motive in taking the field against the enemies of the Government; yet we may be permitted to suggest that he could have served the country’s cause more efficiently this winter in Congress than at the head of his brigade. Mr. Lincoln has in times past relied greatly upon the influence and support of the Blair family, and in the Congress which meets to-day he will have need of the strong hands of all his friends.

His emancipation proclamation will come before that body, and as the most important measure of his whole administration, it must be sustained. General Blair, as Chairman of the Military Committee of the House, would be of great service in carrying the proclamation through. Hence he should be on hand. Citizens should give no heed to the insinuations we have heard upon the streets, that General Blair takes the field this winter for the purpose of avoiding any committal in Congress for or against the proclamation—for or against the Administration. He is a man of single and unselfish purpose. He believes he must draw his sword this winter. We think he should have retained his seat in Congress. The difference may or may not be material.