Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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General Grant and the Jews.


January and February 1863

From The Missouri Democrat, Monday, January 5, 1863.

General Grant and the Jews.

Editors Missouri Democrat:

I hope that the order of General Grant against “the Jews as a class,” will receive your earnest condemnation—not merely a lukewarm notice á la Missouri Republican. Your noble stand in the cause of freedom, will not permit you, I trust, to smile at such an unprecedented outrage.

The dirty motives are obvious, and there is no doubt that the Administration will not only rebuke but punish the officers giving and carrying out this infamous order. Proper steps are taken to this effect by Jews as well as by noble-minded and influential Christians.

Permit me to state that Captain Wehle, who fell at Fredericksburg as a hero commanding the 66th New York, who has been so highly and justly praised for his bravery by the press generally—that many Jews even of this city fought and fell at Wilson’s Creek, Pea Ridge, &c.,–is this the reward for their patriotism? Hon. H. T. Blow and myself have addressed on this subject, our worthy Representative,m Noell, who will no doubt direct the President’s attention to this matter. Committees have gone or are preparing to proceed to Washington from Cincinnati, Chicago, New York, &c., and he who sets the slaves free will not permit to bring the Jews back into bondage, in violation of Constitutional and human rights, Yours truly,