Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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Conscription Bill Passed.


January and February 1863

From The Missouri Democrat, Thursday, February 26, 1863.


The telegraph informs us that the conscription bill, which was adopted by the Senate several days ago, has passed the House by the handsome vote of 119 to 49. Here is something which will test the metal [sic] of the Copperheads, particularly of Connecticut and Illinois, who, according to the Sprin[g]field Register, “stand shoulder to shoulder.” The former, in their State convention the other day, resolved that if the Conscription bill became a law, they would “sternly resist” it, and called upon the Connecticut militia, as the “natural guardians” of the people’s rights, to protect them against the usurpations of the Federal Government. What will they and the State militia of Connecticut now do about it?