Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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Sherman Positively Marching on Mobile.


March and April 1864

From The Missouri Democrat, Friday, March 4, 1864.



The Whole Free State Ticket Triumphantly Elected.


Sherman Positively Marching on Mobile

The Mobilians Terrified.

NEW YORK, March 3. – The steamer Yazoo, from New Orleans, 24th, has just arrived. The whole Free State ticket has been elected by an overwhelming and unexpected large vote.

The election passed off without tumult of any kind, although the intense enthusiasm manifested surpassed anything previously exhibited here, and presents a striking contrast to those held under it the [illegible] reign before the war.

There were three tickets in the field. The vote is as follows, as far as heard from: Hahn, 5,797; Fellows, 2,756; Flanders, 1,933. Total vote of the state 9,878. Hahn’s majority over fellows, 3,621; Hahn’s majority over Flanders, 3,823; Hahn’s majority over both 1,686. The result is a great triumph for the free State party and for the Administration.

General Banks is, if possible, more popular than ever with the Free State men. Even his opponents now publicly admit the justice and statesmanship which marks his conduct of public affairs.

The 22d of February was celebrated in a patriotic manner. Business was almost entirely suspended, and the whole city decorated. In the morning a monster concert was given, at which more than 15,000 were present. Three hundred musicians formed the band, and forty pieces of artillery fired by electricity formed the accompaniment.

Salutes were fired and the shipping was decorated with flags. In the evening Mrs. General Banks gave a bal-costume at the Opera House. Nearly two thousand persons were present during the night.

The army in Texas is inactive. Affairs in Western Louisiana remain as at last accounts.

The Mobile News of the 11th says Sherman is positively marching on that city.

The military commander has issued the following request, addressed to the Mayor:

MOBILE, February 10. – Dear Sir: I have just been informed by General Polk that the enemy is moving against Mobile. It is therefore my duty to ask all persons who cannot take part in the defense of the city to leave it. Respectfully yours,

Major-General commanding.


The Mobile papers call upon the people to submit cheerfully to their approaching doom – “Yankee rule.” Active preparations are making in all the departments for operations, but to what quarter they are to be directed has not transpired.

Some point on the Mississippi or up the Red River will soon be the scene of action.

All the steamers that come down or detained, and a very large number are now collected here.