Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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Let The People All Rejoice.


November and December 1864

From The Missouri Democrat, Wednesday, November 9, 1864.


Without exaggeration it can now be said that the “country is safe.” The lightning, which flashes along the telegraphic wire, brings “glad tidings of great joy” to all loyal men. And what is to us a matter of especial rejoicing is the fact that the city of St. Louis had not fallen far behind in devotion to the Government in its trial hour. Her voice goes out to swell the anthem of praises which ascend from glad hearts, over the victory which loyalty has won, and her efforts have not been wanting for its achievement. Missouri, too, has doubtless done her duty to her country in the emergency, by casting her vote for Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson; and to herself and her future she has rendered the highest service, by declaring for immediate freedom and rule by a Radical administration. We scarcely know how to take in all the important consequences which will flow from yesterday’s decision. A Union President elected, Copperheadism crushed by the heel of the people; a Radical Union Governor and State ticket elected in Missouri, a Legislature to correspond, and above all other things of importance to the people of this State, a Convention chosen under pledge for the expulsion of slavery forever from our soil. All these things, we think, we can safely count upon as being secured through yesterday’s election. Glory enough for one day.

The result of the election in the city and county of St. Louis, in reference to the Presidential question, is especially matter for congratulation. Our own position upon this question has been well understood. We have failed to discover any path of duty to pursue, save the one which led to the camp of the great Union host of a nation, and consequently have called upon the Radicals of St. Louis and of Missouri to fall into line with that army, and keep step with its music. Equally well known is it that our counsel was not at once accepted by many of the truest Union men we have in our midst. They were slow to perceive that in so doing was alone the line of patriotism and security. But yesterday demonstrated that the heart of St. Louis was sound upon the question, and proved the fullest vindication of our course in reference to it.

Henceforward none can doubt the fidelity of St. Louis to the cause of Freedom and Union, as represented in the contest just closed by Lincoln and Johnson. Her record is made clear in the votes of her people. She is with the party which sustains the Government in its endeavors to crush the rebellion, and with the men it has chosen to control the destinies of the nation for the next four years.