Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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Let Us Celebrate–Missouri Free.


January-February 1865

From The Missouri Democrat, Thursday, January 12, 1865.


Missouri is free. Emancipation, real, genuine, radical emancipation is achieved. This is a victory equal to any ever won upon the field of battle, and as such deserves to be commemorated. We feel like celebrating the event for which we so long have labored, and doubt not that such is the universal feeling among the liberty-loving people of this community. The deliverance of the State from slavery ought not to be passed over as an ordinary occurrences. There should be some public manifestation of rejoicing, in which all the people will be invited and permitted to participate. We make the suggestion—who will take hold of the matter and give it effect?



The work is done. After a struggle extending through long years, and contested with all the force and bitterness which Slavery could muster beneath its banner, Freedom has triumphed, and Missouri, the battle ground, is redeemed. The eleventh day of January, A. D., 1865, is made memorable in the history of the State forever. Through the bright period of prosperity which, we believe, has now dawned upon our Commonwealth, long dishonored by oppression and injustice, and repressed in its development by the cruel and ruinous system of slavery, the anniversary of that day will bring gladness to the hearts of thousands and of millions. It has introduced a new era, the brightness of whose glory will extend through all time.

We have so long labored to impress the advantage of emancipation upon the people of Missouri; so long urged the arguments of freedom, that we do not now deem it necessary to go over the entire ground, and gather up the trophies of the victory won. It is enough to know that liberty and right have triumphed. Missouri takes her place in the ranks of the Free States, and as the long line moves on in the grand march of progress, of civilization and of loyalty, her steps will be with the foremost. The chains, the lash and shackles of slavery no longer belong to Missouri. They were carried out of sight forever on yesterday—the Eleventh day of January, 1865.