Who was Turner anyway?

Who was Turner anyway?

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Field Musicians Wanted!

A Turner Bugler, 2004

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News of 150 Years Ago—July/August 1861


July/August 1861

Developments in military technology overseas were frequent subjects of articles.

From The Missouri Democrat, Thursday, July 18, 1861.

History of the Rifled Cannon.

[From the New York Times.]


The rifled cannon is not as recent a discovery as people are generally inclined to suppose. There is now one at Berlin bearing upon its escutcheon the date of 1664, the year in which it was built. It is made with forged iron, has thirteen grooves inside, and a screw at its breech. Models of the same kind and forged in the same country, are also to be seen at Munich and in other German cities. Studies on the construction of rifled cannon were not made in Germany alone, but were also the object of much attention in England and France. Writers on gunnery speak of two-pounder rifled gun, tried for the first time in England in the year 1776 for the purpose of reducing to obedience the American rebels. These small ordnance threw projectiles at the distance of 1,100 yards, with a deviation of about two feet in their range….

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As new regiments formed and were mustered into federal service, the presentation of a regimental flag prepared by local women’s groups was a commmon ceremony when the troops were about move out to join a larger army unit for training or a campaign.

From The Missouri Democrat, Tuesday, August 9, 1861.


The village of Allenton, situated on the Pacific railroad, was the scene, on Saturday last, of a merry and most patriotic gathering. The ladies of the place had prepared a beautiful silk flag for presentation to the Home Guards stationed there, under command of Capt. Robert Allen. The day was bright and clear and deliciously hot. Nearly the entire population, old and young, convened in a shady grove near the encampment of the soldiers. The latter, being drawn up in file, Miss Emma Myers, on behalf of the ladies of Allenton, presented the flag with an appropriate address, to which the captain responded briefly, but with good effect….

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